A weekend in Gualala

Nothing beats California weather - or its coast - or the motorcyclists that enjoy them! Recently I had the good fortune of being invited by some great pals on a scenic ride from Sacramento to Gualala, a small (really small) town in Mendocino. The steep rolling hills, mixed with all the weather conditions and exhilarating view of the sea from hwy 1 - it all just changes your perspective for the better. Mix in a crew of mischievous scalawags and you've got a recipe of the perfect weekend.

Having planned the trip sometime ago, the approaching weekend started to look really gloomy, something you have to be prepared for during Spring in Northern California. After some banter, a plan came together to leave at the most optimum time using weather radar. We left at the perfect window - and hour later - we were drenched. And the hilarity ensued. Jeff's rain gear began to peel off as the rain hit it... I can't explain. But this turned out to be one of the best weekends ever. That is, until the next ride!

Some tips on riding in Northern California:
B. Go with good friends. Or bad ones, if you swing that way.
C. Don't over plan it. Someone in your crew is already doing that.
D. It won't rain. Bring rain gear.
E. Find a nice place to stay ahead of time. Peeps with OCD love doing this.
F. Locate drinks and food source ahead of time. Bring a drop down with you just in case.
G. Overdo the food. It's really better that way.
H. Monitor the hot tub. Chances are your pal is in there and it's turned off.
J. Take pics, lots of pics. Some of your stories will require proof.
K. Don't fall asleep before 9. If you do, the others may wander into your room like so many sheep bleating, "who's the baby now?" ...and film it.
L. Check the drier for your undies before you leave. Jeff.
M. Tell us about your trip here at Moto Meeto!

Anyway... you be the judge!