Moto Meeto August Edition!

Let's enjoy the fine Delta setting at Husick's Country Store in Clarksburg, looking forward to seeing you there! Meeto Aug_2015_SM

Please be sure you’re fueled up, and have adequate lighting as we’ll be riding alongside the river road on 160. There might still be some construction from Meadowview to the new Cosumnes off ramp in Freeport, In which case either exit I-5 in freeport or come into Clarksburg via West Sac – both really nice rides! • Be sure to have a full tank • Make sure your lights are in good order

We'll be riding free form to Husick’s, see you there!

Where: Husick’s Country Store When: Thursday August 6th 6:30 pm Address: 36510 Riverview Dr Clarksburg, CA 95612 Phone number (916) 715-6006